How to win the vegan argument

So your friends laugh and point at you for being vegan. They shun you and never talk to you again because of your rabbit-like diet. You lock yourself in your room with the lights off and never peak your head out of your covers. It’s happened to every vegan, or has it????, and now it’s time to combat their jokes with actual facts.

In all seriousness, I had and still do plenty of friends who act like my vegan lifestyle is nothing more than a character booster or just another phase. Over the time I’ve been vegan, I’ve had to debate my lifestyle to many respectable arguments, and also arguments with those who seem to be allergic to facts and/or someone else’s opinion. It’s inevitable, so I suggest to learn the facts, do your research, and become confident with your lifestyle.

Here are some starting points…

First of all, watch Cowspiracy. This will teach you basic information that most people don’t know.

Second, do your own research! It’s not enough to just quote a documentary, what’s important is that you know credible information to source for your ignorant friends.

Other credible sources of information for debate that will leave your friends

begging for mercy,

in fetal position,

calling for their mother

and finally, converting them to a vegan lifestyle.


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