Philly Vegan Blogger, Eric Belfi, Discusses Animal Agriculture, Veganism and Life as a Blogger

Photo from the PhillyVeganGuy Instagram page

Eric Belfi has been a vegan of four years, is a long distance runner and author of Philly Vegan Guy.

Eric and his wife Karen, a vegetarian for over 20 years, have been involved in dog rescue since 1999. From there, he started to become more conscious about the life of animals.

Although he was an “unapologetic carnivore” before going vegan, his love for dogs started when he was young while growing up in South Philadelphia, PA.

“It struck a cord with me. I spent so much money saving for dogs, it did not make sense to me to dictate a difference between all animals,” Eric said.

It’s been five years since Eric got introduced to the health kick. After watching Vegucated and reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, he started questioning where his food came from. He soon became more conscious about the effects that meat consumption has on animal agriculture.

Just over a year ago, Eric started his blog to share what he goes through as a vegan, specifically as a vegan athlete. He explained that the blog was created as an outlet for his experiences, whether it be the trails and tribulations, road blocks and any other difficulties in his path towards a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

Eric hopes to share his message and the message of many who believe that a vegan lifestyle is not only healthier, but is benificial to every aspect of life.

“Blogging has a large part to play in the future of journalism,” he said.

Dedicating the time between work and training for marathons is what Eric explains as the hardest part about maintaining his blog. He is currently training for the Broad Street Marathon, ODDyssey Half Marathon and a Fall marathon in Chicago, IL. Eric also has a section on his blog about his running career.

Eric suggests that anyone who wants to start a blog should pick a topic that is close to your heart, and which you will set aside time to write about it. 

“Communicating with people who find the lifestyle inspirational is the most rewarding,” he said. 

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