End of Semester Post

My books returned, my notebooks stashed away and my papers burned in the end of the semester fire signifies the end of my Online Journalism 1 class. Although I do not yet know whether this blog will continue, I am writing this post to reflect on my experiences during this class.

The most difficult part was consistently creating and finding content that portrayed the “macho vegan” aesthetic. Some of my favorite posts were ones that went with my goal in making this blog, which was to show a different, more unique way to live the lifestyle.

Favorite posts that captured the goal of the blog:

A vegan athlete was one of the first ideas when starting the blog.

This one gave me the chance to talk with a fellow vegan blogger.

One of the most eye opening, insightful conversation I’ve had about life, consciousness and health.

I was able to talk with a lifestyle doctor who treated her patients using a vegan diet.

My latest post, a video of the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C.


People’s Climate March in Washington D.C

The “People’s Climate March” was held all over the world. Living a vegan lifestyle helps the environment in many ways. I wanted to attend the Washington, D.C. march so that I could join together with other people who care about the future of our environment.