Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and learn how to STAY vegan!

This time around you want to stay vegan. For you and many, it’s hard, and with a simple slip up, you can find yourself starting from the beginning all over again. Well I’ll keep the b.s to a minimum and tell you that it’s not difficult to stay vegan!!!!! Without change of habit, you cannot truly make a transition in your life, both mentally and physically. In order to become a vegan and STAY vegan, one must make the transformation to passion and desire. Figure out why you want to be vegan so that whenever you are tested, you have a passionate desire to not give in.

What helped me to find my passionate desire to go and stay vegan?

Before I was vegan, I was vegetarian, which is usually how most people transition into the lifestyle, but they feel that they cannot make that step. The most common sayings that I hear are “but I love cheese too much” and/or “what would I even eat?”

What helped  me was watching a video that changed my mindset on not only food, but a broader understanding of societies blinded, contradicting and greedy way of life. Don’t get this confused, I did not just watch a documentary I saw on Netflix and believe everything I heard. I was so compelled, or passionate, to see if the information was true that I started to do my own research with respected and credible sources.

It is time to realize that vegans are courageous, noble and smart. If you can apply this realization to whenever you are tested in your diet, than you can create the will power to become and stay vegan.

So now it’s time to pull yourself up by the vegan bootstraps and find the reason that will build your passion, that will lead into a desire, for living a more courageous, noble and smarter lifestyle.



Hello readers. My name is Andrew Turco and I am a journalism student at Rowan University. This blog was started for a project in my online journalism class. I decided to make the topic on breaking the stereotype of being vegan. As most of us know, whether you are vegan or not, the stereotype for a vegan tends to be weak, fragile, hipster and etc. To my fellow vegan individuals, it is obvious to us that the majority do not represent the stereotype. The mission for this blog is to share a community of vegans who break that stereotype. In the next few weeks, I will interview bodybuilders, musicians and anyone that represents a “macho” aesthetic while also being vegan! Lets get excited to End The Stereotype. 

End the Stereotype