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A Visit to a Philly Vegan Pizza Shop, “Blackbird Pizzeria”

This past weekend I went to Blackbird Pizzeria in Philadelphia, PA. Everything they make is vegan, including their homemade cheese. Blackbird is famous for their cheesesteaks, wings and delicious pizza. See the pictures below to find what goes on in this amazing vegan pizza shop.

Outside the Blackbird Pizzeria, located at 507 S 6th St, a block away from South Street.
Brittany Metz waiting for her food inside of Blackbird Pizzeria.
Blackbird Pizzeria’s menu on a chalk board. Kelly Pray talks with her coworker, waiting for customers.
Blackbird Pizzeria’s t-shirts for sale.
A drawing of the pentagram and horned goats head pasted on the shops tip jar.
A skull on top of the shops register, staring at costumers while they order.
Vegan cupcakes and sweets on the shops counter.
A row of pizza’s, including the “Beetza” which includes roasted beets, green kale, roasted garlic, tofu ricotta and daiya cheese.
TJ Allen making one of Philly’s best vegan cheesesteaks.
“Well these are Philly’s best,” TJ Allen said.
Blackbird Pizzeria’s homemade cheese poured by TJ Allen on top of a vegan cheesesteak.
Jake Kotarra mixing the pizzeria’s wings into the root beer barbecue sauce.
The pizzeria’s homemade cheese on top of fries is “delicious,” Jake Kotarra said.
One of my favorites, the Haymaker pizza.
“It’s really the best,” said Brittany Metz, a loyal costumer at the pizzeria.
Root beer barbecue wings with garlic aioli dipping sauce made for customer.
Brittany Metz dipping fries into the homemade cheese.