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Listen to Yoga Teacher, Ronnie Christy, On How A Vegan Diet Can Help With Meditation

Ronnie Christy (right) with Gina Giovannetti Redrow, yoga teacher, (left) at the “Ananda Yoga” studio in Wenonah, NJ.

Ever needed a better reason to go or stay vegan? According to Ronnie Christy, yoga teacher with a BS in Biology, a vegan diet helps to achieve a more conscious life.

Ronnie is dedicated to spreading conscious awareness all over the east coast. From his hometown of West Deptford, NJ, he has moved to Palatka, FL to attain more knowledge on his beliefs and to work on his practice. Now, Ronnie plans on leaving Florida to move to North Carolina, with an ambition to build a yoga temple.

Ronnie, age 33, considers himself to be the most healthiest as well as the happiest he has ever been, due to his vegan diet and yogic lifestyle.

Ronnie has a bachelors degree in Biology. His science background gives him an interesting perspective on describing how the physical and spiritual can combine as one.

While you listen to the podcast, you will hear Ronnies peaceful wind chimes and his many pugs in the background of his interview.

Finally, listen to the podcast below and find out why Ronnie believes that a vegan diet is necessary to achieve “nirvana.”