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Four Videos Of Animal Cruelty That Changed My Lifestyle

Both a pig and two dogs enjoy the sun and some sleep at “Rooterville, A Sanctuary” in Melrose, FL. Photo taken by me

When I was making the change in my life to become a vegan, I only had a few simple reasons why. None of those reasons involved animal cruelty. I’ve never been around animals while growing up. My parents were allergic to mostly everything, even a pet ginny pig, which was taken back after three days. So, my connection with animals throughout my life was almost completely empty. I remember a family dinner at a steak house one evening, when my vegan uncle would tell me stories about animals being taken away from their children, slaughtered, and even skinned alive, but I could never feel any empathy. The stories would quickly go in one ear and out the other while I grubbed on a medium rare steak.

So now that I am vegan, I find myself naturally growing a connection with animals. I’ve come across these videos while doing more research into this new feeling of empathy. The things that are in these videos can affect even the most “macho” person. For those who are already cruelty free, I know that these videos will be tough to watch, but remember, even though it does not justify the actions, that using these videos may be the reason people finally change their lifestyle.

Warning: These videos are extremely graphic

A Look Inside Chinese Fur Farms show animals being skinned alive for fashion fur trade. When undercover investigators from Swiss Animal Protection/EAST International toured fur farms in China’s Hebei Province, they found the horrifying truth of animal abuse and cruelty.

For those who believe that the “cruelty free” or “organic” label on their package of slaughtered meat is not a lie, and hypocritical, here is a video that may change their minds.

Many dog, cat or any other pet lovers eat meat too. Although this doesn’t make sense to me now, I used to understand their reasoning, which was “pigs, cows and those animals are here to eat,” and “we’re supposed to eat those animals.” Share this to a meat eating pet lover to spread awareness.